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Writing your first manuscript can be a daunting experience. One you have, for the most part enjoyed, but when it comes to that final moment; when you get to write the words 'The End', you realise you are now faced with the task of editing. 

As a writer, you have created and perfected a bright new world in your mind. I am here to make sure, your perfect world is artfully depicted on paper; ready to be published.


"Amy is very detailed and it is quite obvious how much she cares about the client.

She gives more than she's asked for, pours her heart and soul into the project, and stays connected to you until completion.

I felt like I was working with a friend as well as a professional. She is now in my permanent contact list and has my loyal repeat business."

Debby Rich



With over twenty years experience in editing, I offer a bespoke service, individually tailored to each writer.

I am a published author with a Master's degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. 

The genres to which I have the most experience editing are: Mystery thrillers, Romance, Sci-Fi, Crime, Fantasy, Biographies and YA. 

As a reader, my genre selections are vast, running from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to Albert Einstein's biography. Somewhere in between you will find, Margaret Atwood, Philip Pullman and Jane Austen.

As a professional Editor, I am passionate about my job and hold myself to high standards of accuracy, honesty, and fairness. 


"I have no experience with the process of publishing nor formal education in writing. I'm just a guy who wanted to write a book and had a story.

Amy was a pleasure to work with. when she finished editing my manuscript we had a video call and to my surprise she had a whiteboard filled with chapter summaries, questions, and a timeline written out. She helped me work through some sticking points, her incites were proved to he instrumental, and helped me understand some writing nuances.

Thank you for getting me so much closer to realizing this goal."

E. Disparte

Killing for Healing




The Last Read

Whether you're a self publisher, about to set your masterpiece free into the world, or a traditionalist, who wants to be agent ready; this is the service for you.

Final checks are performed to ensure all plot holes are eliminated and grammatical errors fixed, leaving you ready to publish.​


Developmental & Content Editing

Working with the writer, after the first or final draft is finished, an editor will read through your manuscript & answer specific questions about the flow of your story.

Look at the construction of your characters & check for inconsistencies. Grammar, punctuation & spelling are corrected. Word choice and sentence structure are also analysed. You will then receive a report from your editor, with suggestions and advice.

During this time, you can video call with your editor, discuss the suggestions given, even get help with character development and scene setting.

This service, also includes assistance with writing blurbs, choosing the right cover, and how to market the finished masterpiece.


Be Publisher Ready

It's not only self-publishers who can benefit from the assistance of an editor.

If you are planning on going down the traditional publishing route, you will need to submit, the first three chapters of your manuscript to an agent, to gain their backing. 

At this point, you have a small opportunity to grab the agent's interest, which can be gained or lost, in such a short space of time.

The first three lines of your manuscript, need to flow like a poem, enchanting your reader to slip into the first chapter, like a dog on a slide.

This service gives you the opportunity to work closely with your editor, on each line of the first three chapters of your manuscript. 

In depth analysis into character development and scene setting is included, with a strong focus on word choice.


"I was very fortunate to find Amy Scott, to read my novel Angel's Gate, in the drafting process. Not only is she extremely thorough (she misses nothing!) she offered valuable and constructive advice on how to smooth out or perfect the work. Because of her excellent feedback and communication, her familiarity with the genre as well as her experience as a Reader, Editor and writer, Amy is helping me make my final draft perfect for publication. I look forward to working with Amy more throughout my career."

L. Becker

Angel's Gate & the Shadow Gate series.

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